Students Respond to Restricted Library Access

Dear Editor,

I read the ‘Locked Doors, Locked Minds’ article and overall thought this section was very interesting. I agree with Claire and everybody else who feel that the school library shouldn’t be closed. There is times where I really needed to go into the library to finish work or when I don’t have a class and I needed a pass. The library is where you should be able to go and work, check out a book and type a paper whenever you need to. Taking that from us is denying us of our education and learning.

Ajana Johnson-Ford, senior

Dear Editor,

I read “Locked Doors, Locked Minds: Restricting School Library Access Shouldn’t Be Allowed” by Claire Beougher. I have thought about the school closing the library in very similar ways. I believe that everyone should almost always have the access to the library. Sometimes I want to go in there to work on homework or work during lunch, but while I am trying to enter the library, staff will start asking questions or saying, “No pass, no ID, no entry,” and sometimes they will just flat-out not let people in.

But on the contrary, I see where the staff is coming from, as many students skip class, goof off, or cause disturbances throughout the library even though it is a place for working/learning. But I definitely don’t believe they should completely shut down the library, as sometimes I need to go in there to finish work that I can’t do elsewhere. And just like it is stated in the article, it creates even worse complications for students in programs like KAMSC, ATYP, or other programs that require lots of energy. Some students also have a 5th hour study hall to work on advanced classes. So when the library is closed what are they supposed to do? Good job to Claire Beougher on the article.

Ian Woodruff, freshman