Annual Red Cross Blood Drive Cancelled Due to Union Strike


Junior Jess Moshoginis comforted Brenden Groggel last year as he donated blood at the annual National Honor Society blood drive held by the American Red Cross. Last year around 100 pints of blood were donated, unfortunately this year due to striking by Red Cross workers there will be no blood drive.

Every year the Loy Norrix chapter of the National Honor Society helps organize a blood drive held by the American Red Cross. As a result of striking and no sign of a resolution in the near future, the blood drive scheduled for the 25th of April was cancelled.

“We certainly appreciate everyone who signed up. It’s a bummer for everyone,” said NHS advisor Matt Porco.

The blood drive for many is terrifying and many students can barely think about it without passing out, but for Porco it is one of the highlights of his entire year.

“It’s one of the best things we do all year. It’s a pretty unique day to be a part of. It’s a selfless act to donate blood. It’s a cool thing to be a part of,” said Porco. There is no other day in a given year that is like that.”

Michigan’s chapter of the American Red Cross workers have been on strike since March and are refusing to return to work until they get a fair contract. Workers are striking over health care coverage and worker safety issues. Many blood drives throughout the state have been cancelled or rescheduled, which is causing the units of blood donated per day to drop drastically.

“They have real world concerns that they have to address. I respect that,” said Porco. “I hope people still realize it is an important thing to do.”

The blood drive is one of the biggest events that NHS organizes throughout the whole year and a great opportunity for many to donate blood and save lives.

“I wanted to save a life,” said Senior Teddy Morrissey. “It was on my bucket list. Now I am furious. I will have to go out and be a superhero or something to save a life.”