Students are dressin’ and expressin’


Credit: Lucas Figueroa

Seniors Carlos Santos and Alan Adunas show off their clothes in the cafeteria. Many students try to dress well to impress their peers.

Lucas Figueroa, Assistant Photo Editor

Clothes are one of the first things you notice about a new person: their shoes, pants, and shirt. That is the way students try and express themselves at school, at parties and when going out. Often, people judge other people solely based off of what they are wearing. People can also assume how others are feeling based on how they are dressed. 

When asked about his everyday clothing choices, Loy Norrix senior Carlos Santos said, “They express my feelings. If I’m sad or tired, I’ll dress lazy in sweatpants, and if I’m feeling good, I’ll dress up a bit, but the branding on the piece also matters whether I would wear them.”

Branding matters as well when deciding what clothes to wear. This is because kids don’t want to seem out of the loop of the new trends and styles. 

One Loy Norrix student with experience with name-brand clothing is senior Ben Sanford he said,  “Typically when I’m looking around for clothes, I’ll look on brand name sites like Supreme because of my past knowledge about their clothes.” 

This shows that kids nowadays are not just focusing on what clothes look like, but what brands they are. Brands like Supreme, Bape, and Undefeated have taken the streetwear industry by storm because of their unique style and high demand. The companies have caught on to the “hype” of their brand and started lowering the supply and raising the prices. These companies know that when they drop a new line of clothes they will sell their products easily. Even big name brands like Nike and Adidas are collaborating with these streetwear brands, making the value of the product go up because of supply and demand. The people who care about this branding will purchase and either keep, or resell the piece for a higher price.