Aurora Borealis: Knight of Northern Lights


Credit: Colin Carnell

Half an hour after the dance started, students were already mingling. Some attendees stood apart from their peers, hesitant to join the crowd. Photo Credit / Colin Carnell

Colin Carnell, Copy Editor

Dressed up and ready to have fun, students entered Loy Norrix High School’s 2019 Winter Formal, the Knight of Northern Lights. On Saturday, December 7, the LNHS Class of 2021 Executive Board saw their hard work pay off during the dance they had organized and decorated for

The 2021 Executive Board started planning the dance almost immediately after school started in September.

Junior and Board Media Officer Melissa Preston saids, “My largest obstacle as Media Officer was getting the word out and getting people to buy tickets.”

Class advisor and social studies team teacher Sveri May is a veteran of winter formal planning. This year’s winter formal was her eighth winter formal.

May said, “[Winter Formal] is my favorite [school dance] for several reasons. One: it is the formal dance that freshmen and sophomores are allowed to attend also. Two: I love winter, so anything that pertains with winter makes me happy.”

At the end of the dance, a three-foot-tall Christmas tree with a teddy bear hugging it was raffled off to the attendees.

Despite all the obstacles, Preston said, “However, it eventually worked out because we had a great turnout for the dance.”