The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

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Heavier Enforcement on Dress Code Causes Disturbances

By April Curtis

Currently Loy Norrix has been facing some stricter enforcement on the dress code. The dress code has not changed, but the security have been forcing stronger punishments on dress code violations. This has caused many complaints from the students.

“How do they expect people to follow it if they don’t even know it and it changes constantly?” said senior Joahnna Castillo.

Our schools faculty expects the students to follow the dress code but it is not fair to the students that they are choosing to enforce the dress code now. Punishments on dress code violations are inconsistent, causing the students to not follow the dress code completely. The enforcements should be everyday and not random.

“They need to be consistent and fair when it comes to the dress code or not have one at all,” said junior Noelle Scott.

If the students see consistency of punishment then they will start following it. This would leave less people in Bridges and less people being sent home. Students should not be taken out of their classes to sit in Bridges all day. Missing one day in class can make a student miss out on important material, especially if they are in an Advanced Placement class.

The School Code of Conduct clearly states that, “Students are in school to learn those skills necessary for success in the future.” Also, the Student Compact says that as students of Loy Norrix High School, we promise to attend school on a regular basis, take advantage of learning opportunities, be committed to my academic success, and more. Is it more important to enforce the dress code at such a late notice or make sure students are in class learning and on track for graduation? After all, graduation is the key starting point to our academic success and future. Also, students have noticed that the punishments are inconsistent and unfair.

“It’s ridiculous that they let girls with no body fat wear whatever they want but girls with shape can’t,” said senior Gabby Vargas.

Vargas feels that she has been treated unfairly because she’s more full figured. She feels that girls without a defined figure get away with things easily. Everyone should have fair treatment and punishments if they violate the dress code.

Christina Holmes brings up an idea about uniforms. She strongly believes that uniforms will take away all of the problems with dress code violations. Unsure of the right answer, the least our school can do is create a fair and consistent system for punishing dress code violations.

Atiba McKissack has another view on the dress code. He talks about how the dress code is not being enforced more strictly. The weather changes throughout the school year and it’s beginning to get warmer out, which leads students to wear more revealing clothing. So there are more incidences of dress code violations. He believes that the dress code has a purpose.

“The dress code encourages students to begin to dress in a more professional manner and starts to guide them towards what they are going to eventually be expected to do as far as dressing for the professional world,” said McKissack.

McKissack explains how Bridges is not the number one punishment that they like to force upon the students when they are in violation of the dress code. They give them the chance to call home or find alternative clothes from friends. Most of the time, students know when they are in violation of the dress code. There are some times when they security doesn’t catch everyone who is in violation of the dress code. Mckissack says that they have to prioritize on the issues going on in the school and the students are the main focus.

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community
Heavier Enforcement on Dress Code Causes Disturbances