The Weather Change Does Not Change The Dress Code



The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and temperature is rising. Summer is here. Although students, especially girls, want to wear a little less clothes to be more comfortable in this weather, everyone needs to understand that the dress code is still in play and it won’t change.


The dress code is pretty simple and straightforward. The shorts and skirts that girls wear cannot be shorter then two inches above the knee. Spaghetti straps are not allowed. Boys are not allowed to wear their pants below their butt showing their boxers. As far as for both genders, clothing has to be appropriate for school such as the graphics that are on them, like having bad words.


Students every year rebel against the dress code. This includes wearing short skirts or little shirts. However the dress code is made so that students can be focused in school as opposed to worrying that you could have a wardrobe malfunction.


“As long as the shorts are the right length and the shirts are appropriate then we should be okay, the rules are reasonable,” said junior Kiosha Miller.


It’s understood that the weather is getting nicer but there are clothes appropriate for school and for the weather. You are in school less than seven hours per day. Once you get out of school and you are home, you are free to wear anything you would like. On school grounds, there are limits to what is appropriate. Don’t make a big deal when you are asked to changed, if you doubted what you were wearing when you left your house then it’s probably going to be called on by a security guard and you will be asked to change.