Tea Club gives students a break from academics


Credit: Brandi-Rose Phiri

Three members of Tea Club discuss the meeting while seeing what kind of tea is available to them. They are excited to see who shows up, and what conversations will be had.

Brandi-Rose Phiri, Business Manager

Walking into Tea Club and being welcomed with a smile always makes the long day you had at school better. After you get a cup of relaxing tea and snacks, you’re ready to put the day behind you and sit down to have light and calm conversation with people that share similar interests.

Tea Club focuses on being a stress reliever and meets after school in English teacher Kelly Stetten’s room, C-23, every Tuesday. Anyone can join just by coming, getting a cup of tea, snacking and socializing with other students. 

Stetten took over being the advisor for the club five years ago when students came up to her and asked her if they would be able to hold it in her room and she told them yes. Not only did she have a sink that students could use to get water to boil and clean up afterwards, but she was a cool, fun and chill teacher. 

“This is a student driven club, a couple students got together because they wanted a fun place to socialize, drink tea, and have a couple snacks, so that’s what we do. Some students will come in my classroom and say that they are here to ‘spill the tea’, but we don’t gossip,” said Stetten. 

With there being so much pressure and stress in high school, Tea Club is a place to decompress from the school day. Alongside a unique taste that many people enjoy, tea also has various health benefits. According to Catherine Paddock from Medical News Today, you can feel more relaxed, and create a “chill-out moment.” Drinking tea can help you cope with any anxiety you have and improve your social behavior. 

Brian Treadwell, a Loy Norrix freshman, went to Tea Club once earlier in the school year to check it out and really enjoyed it so he kept coming back. Treadwell noticed that the members of the club are good people that are easy to talk to. 

“I came because I honestly thought this would be the most chill place in school to hang out. Now I know and I like a lot of the people,” said Treadwell. 

Many club members go because their friends have already joined. The club is a very welcoming environment.  Freshman Merrie Crawford, a first year member, said that people interested in joining should just go for it and come to one of the meetings. 

My favorite part about it is probably how nice everyone is, I look forward to it every week,” said Crawford.