Singing: an unusual way to de-stress


Ariel Godinez performs at downtown Kalamazoo venue.

Luna Drumm-Walsh, Guest Writer

Freshman Ariel Godinez steps onto the stage, her shaking hands are holding a microphone. The crowd is still chattering in the background. She focuses on the glittering Christmas lights in the trees, takes a few deep breaths and then begins singing the opening notes of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” This past November, Godinez sang at the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Bronson Park. 

“It was confusing and nerve racking because nobody was really there backstage to tell me when to go on, so I didn’t really know when to start,” said Godinez. 

Fourteen year old Ariel Godinez loves to sing and has been doing it since she was only four years old. She began singing R&B in the car with her mom. Her mother, Gabriella Godinez was also a singer at a young age. Her mom has been her biggest supporter since the beginning and has always encouraged Ariel to have a future in singing. 

“It would be cool to have singing as a career in the future because I have wanted to since I was younger,” said Godinez. 

Her family has helped her get the opportunities that she has. Her mother and father know a lot of people in Kalamazoo, and they have helped her get big opportunities to sing places. Her father, Jose Godinez, helped her get the opportunity to sing at Bronson park this past winter. 

Singing has helped the 14 year old become more social. Ariel has met new people and learned how to get over being nervous around new people. 

“At first it was really scary for me because I didn’t know how to talk to people, but as I got older I was able to socialize more,” said Godinez.

Godinez has been introduced to a lot of new people since she has started performing. It can be scary talking to new people, especially adults. Singing has helped Godinez gain more confidence when she is meeting and talking to new people. 

Godinez used to get really nervous singing in front of big crowds,but now she is used to it. According to the article “11 Health Benefits of Singing” from Take Lessons, singing has a lot of social, physical, and emotional benefits. Singing is actually an antidepressant and it lowers stress levels. It can strengthen the immune system. There are proteins in the immune system that work as antibodies to strengthen the immune system. Research from the University of Frankfurt has shown that these proteins are a lot higher after singing. Singing also helps lower the amount of stress hormones in the bloodstream. 

“In a way it has helped my mental health because I can use singing to process my emotions,” said Godinez. 

Godinez sings throughout the day. When she is at home, she is constantly singing. She likes to sing when she is mad or sad because it makes her feel better about what is going on around her. According to Godinez, singing has made her a happier person in general because it is something she is very passionate about and finds a lot of joy in doing.

“Singing has definitely helped me feel better about myself because I am able to express my emotions and put myself out there,” said Godinez.