All in for the win: Sophomore talks about her time playing volleyball

Student on the Norrix Volleyball Team Wins Tournament


Credit: Lucy Heystek

Freshman Bianca Hobson plays in a Volleyball game for her school team. She has trained hard for her games and gave up two other sports to focus on Volleyball.

Lucy Heystek, Guest Writer

Sophomore Bianca Hobson steps onto the court, she feels anxious but excited, she sees her competitors on the other team and hears the audience cheering, she tastes the sweat sliding down her face and smells the leather material used to make the volleyball. 

Bianca Hobson used to play basketball and run in track, but quit both of those sports so she could be more dedicated to playing volleyball.

“Making the big decision to play volleyball and quitting my other sports is a pretty interesting thing that has happened to me,” said Hobson. 

According to Hobson, when playing volleyball, “There are two teams playing against each other, usually 6 on each side. Players use their hands to pass the ball back and forth and try to get the ball to touch the other teams side of the court.”

While volleyball may seem a bit confusing to some, Bianca loves to play because it is a fun and physically challenging sport for Bianca and her team. 

Sophomore Bianca Hobson and the Loy Norrix volleyball team won a volleyball tournament on October 19, 2019 in River Oak Valley by working as a team and practicing everyday before the season started.

When Bianca first started the game she wasn’t sure how well her team was going to play and just hoped for the best. 

“As a team we were kind of struggling in the beginning, but we decided to do it for our coach instead of ourselves, so in the end we all came together as a team,” said Hobson. 

Hobson and her team won the tournament. Playing volleyball has changed how Hobson thinks and the kind of person she is. 

“It made me a stronger person and made me understand that I’m not the only person on the team,” said Hobson.

This was Hobson’s first win of the volleyball season, so it was an important moment for both Hobson and her team.