IDs have more negative feedback than positive


Photo by Kiosha Miller
Although Loy Norrix have strict rules against taking IDs off, students dismiss the procedure for various reasons. Cassandra Thompson and Robert Haley are good examples of students who only wear IDs when necessary.

Waiting in line one by one, as the students of Loy Norrix High School are shuffled into the building. Patiently waiting for everyone to get their student identification cards checked. Students who do not have their IDs out and visible waste the time of staff and students waiting to start their day.

The rule at Loy Norrix is, your student identification card must be visible and above the waist at all times. Students complain that this rule is not important after the students are already in the building. Students should have to wear their identification cards to get into the building but then be able to take them off after bypassing security in the tower. If students are asked to show proof of identity they must immediately show proof of attending Loy Norrix High School whenever a staff member asks. This way, students do not have to wear their IDs all day and staff and students can be reassured they have a safe teaching and learning environment.

People may argue that this destroys the point of the rule in the first place. Administrators like students to have their identification cards for the student’s safety. These student cards ensure teachers and staff that certain students belong in the school and people aren’t sneaking in to the school to create mischief.

By the students having their IDs on all the time, administrators have a chance to reach out to students they may not know. This helps the relationship between staff and students grow.

Other schools such as Plainfield Public Schools in Plainfield Illinois, and Portage Public Schools have this very rule. Students do not have to wear their identification cards as long as they show proof of identity whenever asked. Some people may argue that this isn’t any more efficient than the current rule in the handbook, but the aggravation of students having to wear the IDs every day, and having to replace them when they get ruined, will be solved and students will have more freedom.

More freedom comes with more responsibility; students would have to be responsible with their cards at all times. If students kept their IDs in a bag they take to school, it is no problem. At Mattawan Consolidated Schools they have student identification cards that help the students get into various sporting events and various school activities. In the elementary schools, teachers and administrators kept the student identification cards in the teacher’s classroom and these cards are used for lunch. This can be a good way to keep track of what students belong in the building and what students do not.

If students had the luxury of being able to take their IDs off once they were in the building, there would be fewer students getting in trouble for not having it. Various consequences could be put into action when students do not have their ID cards including students being kicked out of class. If students did not have to wear their ID cards during the day, students would not be kicked out of class and they would spend less time out of the classroom.

Students also tend to destroy the cards when they are on the lanyard from being tugged at and ripped around. The cost to replace your card is five dollars. By having the ID cards kept in a safe place and not wearing them all day everyday, would not only save the students money, but the school for printing them and replacing them. Students should have the right to be able to take the IDs off once they are in the building of Loy Norrix High School.