Status at Stake: Seniors Need to Pull it Together at Homecoming 2012


The Spirit Jug sits in the show case by the lunch room. It reminds students of the on going competition and to show their spirit during spirit week.
Photo by Allie Creamer

The spirit jug, a large decorated plastic bottle that the entire school competes for over the course of Homecoming Week.  Sounds dumb, right? WRONG! Winning the spirit jug sets your class apart from the others as Loy Norrix’s backbone of spirit.

The seniors almost always win the spirit jug. The juniors end up in second, sophomores in third, and of course, the freshman coming in last.  However, last year this was not the case, the seniors won, but the juniors received third place behind the sophomores.  Can the seniors get over this devastating loss and beat the juniors this year? Lets see what our seniors think:

“We’d better! I think there’s a good chance,” said senior Scout Kruger.  When asked on a scale of one to ten how much school spirit she has, Kruger responded with a six.  Kruger also mentioned, “[the school spirit at Loy Norrix is] bad, there’s only a hand full of people who really get into it.”

Another senior, Leila Al’Ousi is not as positive. One to ten in regards to her spirit, Leila answered a four. Regarding Loy Norrix’s spirit, Leila said “Our school spirit sucks.  There’s too many people that bring down the school spirit, so why even try anymore? That’s why I stopped caring, hopefully we’ll [the seniors] step it up this year and win, though!”

There is no doubt that the seniors are going to need to step it up next week if they want to take the spirit jug home.  The spirit days for next week are:

Monday 10/1- College/Sport Team Day

Tuesday 10/2- Mismatch & Neon Day

Wednesday 10/3- Hat Day

Thursday 10/4- Inside out & Wacky Hair Day

Friday 10/5- Spirit Day (Blue and White)

The pep rally will be on Friday, October 5, during fifth block.  At the end of the week all of the points from the various spirit week activities will be added together and the winning class will receive the spirit jug during halftime at the homecoming game.

The homecoming game will take place Friday, October 5, against Lakeside here at Loy Norrix. The game starts at 7pm, and the dance will start after the game and go until 11:30.

Hope everybody has a spirit filled week and the football team walks away with a win!