Loy Norrix senior Carson Williams gets opportunity to play golf during pandemic

Carson Williams Grade 12

Carson Williams Grade 12

Neyda Isidoro

As everyone knows, COVID-19 has had a huge impact in lives and has impacted the ability to do things that we all love to do. Sports have been postponed all over the world or have just been canceled for the season, but for Carson Williams, she had the opportunity to play golf this year as her second year in high school. Athletes have a passion for what they play and look forward to the upcoming season to begin. COVID has changed all of that and the way we do things. 

For Williams there was hope to play her senior year. The KPS school district was hesitant about letting sports be played because they weren’t sure they would be safe but they made the decision to let the kids participate with restrictions. 

Research shows in the article “How risky is golf during the coronavirus compared to other activities?” that although golf is safer than sports like basketball, it is not the safest sport either. The thing about playing during a pandemic was to not change the way of how you play the game but to just be more precautious. 

 “I loved that we were able to play,” said  Williams, “I guess the only thing that really changed for me was that I am much more aware of being safe and social distancing and keeping my mask on, but other than that it was a pretty normal season.”

Being the only senior, Williams got to be captain of the team. She enjoyed being captain because she got the aspect of being able to be a leader and make decisions because at home she doesn’t have many of those opportunities. 

Being one of the people to represent Loy Norrix, there is some pressure because you are going against other schools who might have more experience. “I’m playing with the number one [players] from all the other school’s varsity teams, so they’re a lot better than I am, and that kinda sucks sometimes, but it’s still fun to play the game,” said Williams.  

Williams explained that in her last match she was with two girls from two different schools who knew each other and were much better, and she just felt out of place. 

 Williams got to play her season of golf and still enjoyed it. Her practices were fun. She liked her team and how they got along with each other and the coach. COVID didn’t impact much of her season just having to wear a mask and social distance.  Playing a sport during COVID might be different but she made the best of it!