Driving Yourself Crazy on What to Wear? Let Your Mood Decide


Photos by Aerion Caldwell
Photo illustration by Allie Creamer

 Clothes are like a mood ring, but for your body. Different shirts, pants, and shoes can have different meanings, for a different person. Still don’t believe me? On a rainy day, what do you tend to wear? I know you don’t dress up. You wear something casual like sweatpants and a t-shirt, or something of that nature. The rain affects your mood, which affects what you wear; interesting right? Is it the same on a regular sunny day? I doubt it.

Everyone’s mood differs with their personality and is based on the day they are having. How you feel shows in how you dress. New and nice clothes have the effect of making anyone feel better, enhancing their confidence. In a good mood people generally take more time and effort into the way they dress and their appearance. Girls and women will wear well fit and figure boosting types of clothing. Its completely the opposite when you are having a bad day. Reaching for random jeans and a shirt and calling it a day is putting less effort into your outfit.

After studying the cognitive behavior of two Loy Norrix students, I found that outfits reflect personality traits and your mood of the day.

“If I feel tired of off, I put on sweats, clogs, and a long sleeve. On good days, skinny jeans, loose top and my boat shoes,” said Zinziey Ndlovu as she smiled looking down at her outfit.

“I dress to please myself, as you can tell, I do not care,” said senior Briahna Armstrong, shrugging, as she rocked basketball shorts and a sweatshirt. Armstrong woke up feeling weary and her outfit displayed it.

Not liking an outfit can affect your mood as well. You will spend the day focused on that instead of your daily important tasks. “While I’m working I’ll be thinking about what I could’ve been wearing if I had given myself more time or picked out an outfit beforehand,” said Rikki Garrison. She has experienced what it is like to feel out of it and to focus on something materialistic, which affected her mood. So what mood ring are you wearing today?