Beloved Guidance Office Secretary Takes New Job


Guidance Office Secretary Lori Talbott, to the right, goofing of with her co-workers. She takes a break from her busy day sitting at the front desk of the guidance office.

“Good morning, Loy Norrix guidance office how can I help you?” Guidance office secretary, Lori Talbott always answers the phone happy and ready to help whoever is on the other line. Talbott is the first person you meet when you walk into the guidance office. Whenever a student has a question or is having trouble with a class schedule they come to her.

Lori talbott has been with Loy Norrix High School since August of 2010. She has been a huge help in the guidance office and with the students. Lori handles appointments with counselors, answers phones and helps organize class schedules. On top of all that she deals with the kids coming into her office.

Talbott is going to be taking a new job in the Student Service Department at the (Kalamazoo Public Schools) Administration Building. She used to substitute there before she worked at Loy Norrix. Friday October 19, 2012 is Lori Talbott’s last day. She is going to miss all of the students at Norrix.

“I’m going to miss all you kids,” said Talbott, “I love harassing, teasing, joking, rolling my eyes and giving you dirty looks.” She loves the students and staff here at Loy Norrix High School. Something she will miss the most here is talking to the kids about college.

“I really enjoy doing the college stuff,” smiled Talbott, “The onsite visits and knowing where the kids are applying and going to [college].” She really enjoys seeing the seniors and all of the students do well. She is looking forward to watching the seniors graduate and will be attending the 2013 commencement.

“She’s an all around nice person. She’s great with kids and fun to work with. She will be greatly missed.” – Cindy Sarquiz

“The kids loved her didn’t they? Her ability to communicate with students was amazing. After summer she always brought green peppers. I’m going to miss her garden leftovers.” – Betse Klepper

“I made several attempts to call her new employer and bad mouth her; it didn’t work.” – Frank Williams

“She was good at her job and always on top of things.” – Senior Amanda Morris

“She was the best secretary Norrix ever saw. You will be missed and I hope she comes and visits us!” – Senior Tyrrell Wilks-Williams