Every moment of forever: the sharp appeal of Edward Cullen


Credit: James Hauke/Lionsgate

Photo illustration of Gigi Fox as Bella Swan with Edward Cullen in “Twilight” (2011).

Gigi Fox, Web Editor

I am Team Edward. Personally, I am not into dating an animal like Jacob fans are. Not only is Jacob an animal, but he is also a child. 

In the first movie, “Twilight,” Jacob is 15 years old, while Bella is 17. Granted two years in the grand scheme of things is not a big deal, but when you are minors, the age gap becomes a lot more prominent. A 17-year-old is focused on plans after high school and being an adult, while a 15-year-old is busy playing with toys. 

In the films, Jacob is portrayed as really mature-looking, so it would be more believable for him and Bella to be together, which is gross on its own when he’s supposed to be 15-years-old. In “New Moon,” Bella, Mike and Jacob go to a rated R movie, and Jacob can’t even buy his own ticket because he’s too young. 

Edward is the better choice because he’s tall and gorgeous. He can carry you anywhere you want to go because he’s so strong. He also is super-rich, and who wouldn’t be interested in that. I mean the man’s family buys Bella an entire island just for their honeymoon. Also, Edward will never age and will always be as attractive as he is now. On top of that, he saves Bella from the creepy guys in the alley-way in “Twilight.” Where was Jacob during that? Nowhere in sight. 

Jacob is not a consent king, he forces himself on Bella when she makes it clear she is not interested . Jacob makes his feelings for Bella known and she rejects him. What does he do? He kisses her. When Edward finds out he says, “Wait for her to say the words.” He’s not even mad that Bella and Jacob kiss, he’s mad that she doesn’t consent to the kiss. 

Speaking of kissing, Jacob manipulates her into kissing him again. In “Eclipse,” Edward, Jacob and Bella are up in the mountains during the climactic fight scene between the wolves and the newborn vampires. When Jacob finds out Bella and Edward are engaged, he decides to join the fight and makes a big huge scene out of killing the newborns and guilts Bella into kissing him! He threatens to pretty much end his life because Bella has rejected him. That checks off manipulation in my book.

Personally, I don’t know what either one of them sees in movie Bella: she’s very boring and makes the worst decisions ever. Book Bella, I understand why they would like her. She is much funnier and actually has a personality. Same thing with Edward. He’s hilarious in the book and known for his wit and personality, while Jacob is just the little kid that Bella has grown up with.

This next point isn’t so much with the character but with the casting of Taylor Lautner as Jacob. Lautner is not Native American, yet somehow he is playing a Native American character. The cultural appropriation of Native Americans in this movie is concerning. Once Jacob cuts his hair, he suddenly becomes this hot heartthrob while, in Native American culture, hair is a symbol for pride and is very important to their heritage. By cutting his hair the producers are westernizing Native American culture. 

Jacob only ever pursues Bella because he is in love with her unborn child from the very start. Imprinting is when a wolf connects to another person and they will do anything for that person and there’s no controlling it.  He always wanted to imprint on Bella, but he couldn’t and the minute he lays eyes on Renesmee, Bella’s child, he imprints on her. His only attraction from the very beginning to Bella is because he was using his wolf-like instincts to sense Renesmee. 

Jacob being in love with a baby is very creepy. I know what Jacob fans will say: “He said he would be what she needs him to be a brother, a mentor, a friend, blah blah blah.” 

In Alice’s vision in one of the final scenes, it shows Jacob and Renesmee walking together on the beach. Even though Renesmee is older in that vision, Jacob looks the same age which implies it is not very long into the future when they start dating. I don’t care how old Renesmee looks. This is why there shouldn’t really even be a Team Edward or Team Jacob because Jacob was never actually in it for Bella, he was in it for her unborn child. 

Jacob also jokes and refers to Edward as “dad” in the final movie, “Breaking Dawn: Part 2.” This implies Jacob sees Renesmee and himself as more than friends and sees a future with her. 

Bella was born to be a vampire. That is why she is a shield and no one can hear her thoughts or use their powers on her. If she ended up with Jacob, she wouldn’t have been happy and she would’ve felt empty because she wasn’t fulfilling her full potential. 

I think many people forget that it’s Bella’s choice who she ends up with, and obviously she has good taste because she ends up with Edward and not Jacob.

 Jacob fans are putting themselves in the role of Bella and who they would want for themselves, but that is not the question at hand. The question is: who is best for Bella? The answer to that is Edward.