Teenagers too Old to Trick or Treat


Here we go again! Costumes, scared little kids, candy, no its not middle school. It’s Halloween. Kids go door to door dressed in whatever they want to be. But I find an issue with these kids who run from house to house and who are just in it for the free candy. Halloween night is for more than that, it’s for the kids having fun and the spirit.

I may only be seventeen but I remember the good old days. When I was a little kid and I would create my own costume, get together with other kids who had cool costumes and actually go out and trick or treat for fun. At the end of the night you add up your candy to see who has the most.

Teenagers are so old they realize it’s pointless to get dressed up for candy that’s free, so all they do is throw on a mask and run from house to house trying to get free candy. To me half the fun of Halloween is working on your costume. Now, half the people who go are just wearing a hoodie with a five dollar mask and call it good. Real creative guys. I may sound old fashioned, but where did the Halloween spirit go? My props go to the people who don’t give candy to the kids who don’t have a costume. May seem harsh but if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

Instead of running around like a bunch of escaped convicts, why don’t you share your love of Halloween with other kids who actually work for the candy. Maybe go with some younger siblings, or with siblings of friends. As teenagers get older we have help pass the torch and help the younger kids have a better Halloween.

Let’s just admit that there are teenagers out there who are old enough to drive and still go trick or treating. Yes, you know who you are. But if you are becoming an adult and want to be treated like one, than you are too old to be trick or treating. It’s one thing if you are going with a little one, but running from house to house to get as much free candy as possible just ain’t right.

Instead why don’t you get a life and stay at home to help hand out candy. You could go hang out with friends and scare each other. Don’t ruin it for others who actually try on Halloween.

Trick or Treating is for kids who want to be someone else for the night not some teenager who wants to get free candy. We have lost our spirit. If you’re old enough to call yourself an adult, you’re too old to go trick or treating like one.

Remember what mama says, say “thank you”, stay safe, and most of all have fun.