Freshman Year Do’s and Don’ts


Freshman MarQuay Williams and Destinee Robinson show us an example of a don’t. While already late to class, they were not in a rush to get there any sooner.
Photo by Allie Creamer

When entering into your first year of high school, there are probably millions of questions running through your mind. What should you wear? Who are you going to hang out with? How are you going to balance homework along with everything else on your agenda? To help make freshman year a little less stressful, here are some pretty basic do’s and don’ts to guide you through your first year of high school.


–       Stand in the middle of the hall, clogging it so no one else can get through.

–       Overload your schedule with too many extra curricular activities.

–       Stress out too much about your outfit. Chances are, nobody cares!

–       Be late to class. Staying after school for detention is never fun.

–       Get into trouble with security. It will haunt you for the rest of your high school career!


–       Make good relationships with your teachers and peers.

–       Get involved with a few school activities. It will give you the chance to get to know and meet new people.

–       Concentrate on your grades. It’s harder to raise your GPA than to lower it.

–       Learn how to prioritize early on. Balancing school and social activities will only get harder as you advance.

–       Surround yourself with positive people. It will define who you will become during high school.