Senior Night On The Football Field


The Seniors on the varsity football team share their last moments together. Seniors did not win their last game but were happy to have played football with each other one last time.
Photo by Cherell Langford

Touchdown score!  Senior, Jovaughn Carver scores the first touchdown the crowd goes crazy blowing horns and yelling out “Go Jovaughn Go. The band beats their drums while the cheerleaders cheer and dance around the outside of the field making everyone louder and happier.

“I was excited because I knew it was a big play and somewhat relieved because we were down by a touchdown when I scored. I thought this would give our team the momentum to take the lead and actually win the game,” senior Jovaughn Carver said.

The Loy Norrix Varsity Football team played their last game together here at Norrix on Friday, October 12th. Senior night was a very important night to all seniors on the team and coaches because it was their last chance to play on Norrix’s field together during High School.

“I felt proud, standing on the same field with my brothers I felt unstoppable knowing that they will put their heart out as I will for them,” senior, Trevor Greer continued. “I will miss the funny and crazy highlights we have at practice. I’m going to miss every player on the team.

The team won 4 games and lost 5, but they never lost faith in each other. They kept pushing themselves harder to do better next time. “I was motivated to keep coaching because I believed in the team and there was always another game to be played we seen the mistakes and learned what needed to be done to fix them,” Coach Bradford said.

It’s not every year that the team gets a new player from the team that they are very competitive with. This year, senior Damien Coleman-West played for the knight’s football team leaving Kalamazoo Central where he played for 3 years.

“I was proud to have made it that far too senior night, but at the same time sad because it marked my last high school football game,” Coleman continued. “The main difference between Norrix and Central’s football team is the brotherhood that Norrix players have, also the coaches here at Norrix try to help out all the players on the team and doesn’t show any favoritism, but Central’s coach is a fair man.“

The football team did a fantastic job this season 4-5; although they did not win all of their games they still kept their heads up and played their hearts out.

“This team is going to be remembered as the beginning of something great. We are not the team known for as an easy win. We are a competition and that will continue as the years pass by,” Coach Bradford said.

Each player on the team will have so many memories to look back on and say we were a great team. Playing together from freshmen year to senior year brings a lifetime of memories good and bad.

“I will remember the fun we had and the work that we put in to do as good as we did. I will remember the pregame meals and the preparation we did in the locker room, listening to music and relaxing. But I will mostly remember running out right before the game started when the lights were its brightest and my adrenalin was at its highest,” said Carver.