Green School Club looks forward to a greener future


Ender Ross, Feature Editor

Students at Green School Club after school tune in to a presentation by club leader, Brigette Bol. The meetings are done in order to discuss how they can earn the elusive Evergreen award.
Students at Green School Watch a presentation given by Bridgette Bol, the leader of the Green School Club. These meetings are done in order to figure out how to best make and keep our school sustainable!

This isn’t a painting club! The Green School Club is all about the environment. When students say they want a green school, they mean an environmentally- friendly school.

In this increasingly connected digital age, it can be easy to get disheartened with all this news about the environment collapsing. Even if, according to The Guardian, 90 companies produce two-thirds of emissions, that doesn’t make our own efforts irrelevant. 

In Green School, you can take action to save our pale-blue dot!

Not only does Green School work to combat climate change, they also have a lot of fun interacting with nature. 

Club advisor and science teacher Eric David says club members are hoping to win the Evergreen award, an award given to schools that do well with the objectives laid out by the Green School Michigan project. These objectives include, but are not limited to garbage pickup, leaf raking, and other things that generally make the school a greener place. 

“Last year, we did garbage pickup (on the Great Lakes),” said Eric David. 

One of the things that the Green School Club does is maintain and improve the courtyard in the wings here at school. They have been working hard to make a butterfly garden in the C-Wing courtyard. However, the students will have to do more than that to earn the Evergreen. 

“We could very much do a flea market, with reselling old clothes,” said Bridgette Bol, club president. “Our mission statement is to make the school environment more environmentally friendly. To leave it better than we found it.” 

The club is working towards the goals outlined in their mission statement without delay, having set up containers for plastic bottles in the lunchroom. These bottles can then be recycled, rather than just sitting in a landfill somewhere. 

“And make it more sustainable,” said David. “We ought to do some fundraising, and adopt an animal.”

 By adopting, he does not mean literally adopting an animal and refers to a program where you spend money to sponsor an animal’s reintegration into the wild, or their care. 

Green School works on making the school a zero waste environment, and helping the environment. Their work on the courtyards was so exemplary, that last year they had a goose move into the C wing and set up shop with some delightful baby geese. Even the geese appreciate Green School. 

“If you’re thinking about joining Green School, I think Green School is just such an easy club to join because we are not doing anything extreme, just easy everyday things that don’t get done,” said Bol.