Loy Norrix cracks down on student ID responsibilities


Student ID’s sit in the tower. Students are able to claim them at any time.

Naysa Quinones, Sports Editor

Loy Norrix students must have their ID out and visible to get into school each day. 

Last year when students forgot their ID’s, they were able to get a temporary paper ID printed in the tower for free. This year however, the Norrix administrative team has made the decision to stop the paper ID system altogether, and instead print a new, plastic ID for the student every day they forget their original and charge them $5.  

“Students were becoming too dependent on the paper ID’s,” said Loy Norrix principal Christopher Auguinaga. “They were holding onto them as if they were permanent which creates a problem because since they’re paper they deteriorate over time which makes seeing who the student is… harder.”

Another issue presented with the paper ID’s is that students no longer had their Kalamazoo Public Library cards or their youth mobility bus pass, which was some students’ only mode of transportation. 

Although the administration has stated that the new ID protocol is for safety measures, many students have expressed complaints about the cost.

 “I just feel like if I’m running out of the house in the morning, there’s no reason for me to have to pay $5, like it gets costly,” said junior Canaan Hogan. 

Many students don’t have the money to pay $5 every time they accidentally leave their ID at home or lose it. Other students also think this price is just unfair and don’t feel that they should be penalized for making a small mistake such as forgetting their ID. 

Bring back paper ID’s”

— Canaan Hogan

“It’s just not right. A lot of students don’t have that money.” 

Loy Norrix secretary Kelly Reimink disagrees. “I think it’s fair,” Reimink continued. “I think now that you guys are in high school. You guys need to have a little bit more responsibility, and ID’s is just a part of that.” 

Several students, however, don’t agree with secretary Reimink and believe that forgetting an ID once doesn’t mean they are irresponsible. 

Students like senior Zakiya Flemming have a long commute to Loy Norrix and are therefore rushed out of the house in the morning, so it is understandable that on occasion they would forget something small such as an ID. 

“In the morning, I take the bus, so it’s not like I can just go back home to get my ID,” said Flemming. 

Though the safety of the students is a great concern for the administrative team, the student body should be allowed some leeway due to the rush many teenagers go through in the morning, the far commute many students have, and their financial resources.