Come and Join Loy Norrix for the Annual Alumni Day


loy-norrixThe annual alumni day here at Loy Norrix will be Friday, December 21 2012. Alumni means all graduates of Loy Norrix who have been granted degrees by schools. Alumni day happens every year at Loy Norrix.

” It’s a great experience because not only do we get to meet graduates of Loy Norrix, but we get to hear about their lives at Loy Norrix and how they made it to graduation,” senior Anajia Williams continued.“ It makes a difference when you see those who made it out of high school, especially with our school being stereotyped all the time.”

Often times we hear people talk about Norrix in a negative way; saying things like no one ever graduates from Loy Norrix on time. Those kinds of stereotypes seem to lower students self-esteem.

“Some students start to believe that they are failures and that’s why they do fail “ senior Dwayne Osler continued ” But when I see the old graduates come, I feel more encouraged because if they made it, I know that I can too.”

Some students have said that it was pointless to have past graduates come because it wouldn’t benefit anyone.

“It’s not a good idea because some of the graduates come back and goof around. They don’t talk to us about anything. I’ve never learned anything from it,” senior Jonathan Henry said.

Everyone doesn’t think the same. Some students actually do benefit from it. That’s the reason they come; to tell us about the journey they took here at Loy Norrix.

“It’s beneficial to me because I get to hear about their obstacles and how they overcame them,” senior Patrice Eason continued. ” I can relate to a lot of the things they talk about.”

This Annual Alumni Day Loy Norrix is inviting graduates from 2008-2012 back to Loy Norrix to tell their story. Each graduate has to submit information including:
1. Name
2. Graduation year and dates of attendance at LN
3. University/program/Major (Currently enrolled year)
4. Email address
5. Cell phone number to 269-337-0205 or [email protected]