Loy Norrix Grieves Death of Andrew Martin


Andrew James Martin.  May 18, 1995 - December 13, 2012.
Andrew James Martin. May 18, 1995 – December 13, 2012.

Andrew “Andy” James Martin, age 17, passed away on December 13, 2012. He was born on May 18, 1995, son of Kraig and Cindy Martin and sister of Renee Martin. Andrew tragically passed away due to health problems. He is known throughout Loy Norrix and the Kalamazoo community for his smile, great sense of humor, and positive personality.

“He was really a sweet kid, very soft spoken, very nice,” said one of his current teachers, Michael Wright. Wright referred to Andrew as a “gentle soul” because “you could get the sense from him that he was an all around good person.”

Another one of his teachers, Niambi Pringle, had Andrew for a total of three different classes. “He was very concerned about his education,” said Pringle. “He was never shy or afraid to ask questions.”

Whenever Andrew was unable to attend class, he always came back and got his work done. He knew what he had to do. Andrew was “responsible as a student and wanted to get good grades,” Pringle said.

Andy Martin was “a very kind, proactive, concerned young man,” said Ryan Allen. As a person, Andrew was “very humble and compassionate. You could just tell he had a very warm soul and kind heart,” continued Allen. As for the classroom now, “The class can feel the emptiness that he left behind.”

Other classrooms have been affected by Andrew’s death as well. “It’s really hard,” said Pringle. “Because I keep wanting to mark him present,” she said, fighting back tears.

Andrew Martin was an overall wonderful young man and student. He will be greatly missed in Loy Norrix and the community. Andrew will forever be in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts.