Chocolates, Flowers and Teddy Bears, Oh My! Loy Norrix Students Spread the Love with Romantic Plans


Valentine’s Day is finally here. It’s the one special day to spend with your sweetheart. Lovers express their love for each other by giving gifts to show their appreciation. Valentine’s Day isn’t just a lover’s holiday but a friend day as well. Everyone shows love to the important people in their lives.

“Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite days, even when I don’t have a special someone. My dad always makes sure I get something from him,” said senior Cassandra Thompson.

Couples look forward to the event, planning ahead and striving for the day to turn out perfect.

Senior Alex Blondin explained what he plans to do for this special occasion.

“I come in during first through second hour, so in-between that time I would bring her one or two roses. Then she’s coming over after school and I’m going to give her, some real gifts. I got her the third season of her favorite show and we’re going to watch it together. The I’m making her chili, it’s my own recipe,” said Blondin.

To others, it’s that one-day out of the year that some do not want to spend alone. Or it’s just another day on the calendar.

“It’s personally just another day and relationships are not based on material things,” said sophomore Amber Cunningham.

But what is Valentine’s Day really about? The name came from the remembrance and honor of Saint Valentine. It was believed he was killed on February 14th AD 270. During the era, Roman Emperor Claudius the 2nd cancelled all marriages because he believed single men would make better soldiers, causing Valentine to secretly marry couples until he was caught.

His punishment was to be beaten to death and to have his head cut off. Before his death he left a note for jailer’s daughter, which said, “Love from your Valentine.” Known to be the first Valentine card.

The day is celebrated differently around the world. In Finland the day honors friends instead of lovers. While, in Spain books are handed out. In South Korea women give the men sweets, a month later on White Day, the men return the favor.