Loy Norrix Students Give Their Opinions On Winter


Antrell Jr. makes a snow angel in his grandmas backyard. He enjoys winter time.
Antrell Jr. makes a snow angel in his grandmas backyard. He enjoys winter time.

Winter is the coldest season of the year in Michigan, between autumn and spring. Some students say its wet; dark, nasty and depressing, other say it’s beautiful, white, and an unforgettable season. Lets see what everyone here at Loy Norrix high school thought about winter.

Top 10 reasons to be excited about winter

1. Winter Break- a break from the books.

“ It’s the best time ever because I get to stay home and eat cookies and milk with no homework or boring classes,” said junior, Alexis Bell.

2. Family-college students get to come home and visit, share old memories, see family from out of town.

“Every year my family goes out of town to visit our family we don’t see as much,” sophomore Nathanial Roberts said.

3. Holidays- Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza. Holiday parties, caroling, food, Christmas lights, gifts, and God’s birthday.

“ My family is Christians so we always celebrate Christmas, not for the gifts but for God’s birthday,” said senior Joy Langford.

4. New Years- fresh new start, New Year’s resolution, sparkly dresses, fire works.

“ I love New Years because of the fireworks and the big parties we have. Its also a new beginning for some people,” said freshmen Jack Robinson.

5. Winter fashion- oversized sweaters, cute scarves, coats, and jackets.

“ Fashion is my thing. I love wearing oversized clothes with leggings and my cute UGG boots it’s the new trend.”  Senior Catherine Roberts said.

6. Winter sports- skiing, snow boarding, sledding, tubing, snowmobiling, and ice-skating.

“Even though its cold outside winter sports are the best, I like

going snow boarding with my dad and little brother,” sophomore Joseph Howell said.

7. Time to get cozy- fluffy blankets, curl up next to the fireplace, bf, body pillow, or dog get cozy.

“ I love my new snuggie its so comfortable, every since winter started. I have worn it in front out fireplace at home” said Senior Cassandra Williams.

8. Holiday sales- black Friday, cyber Monday

“I’m a shopaholic so winter is the best time for me to save most of my money because there are so many sales” senior Kayla Thompson said.

9. Snow days- there is no better feeling then when you get the call, text, email etc. that you can go back to bed its a snow day.

“Snow days are awesome, at night I pray for the snow so school could be cancelled. No books, homework, or boring teachers for a whole day.”  Junior Treshawn Dyson said.

10. Holiday Drinks- coffee, hot chocolate, Chai Tea Latte, and warm eggnog.

“Almost every morning my family drinks Eggnog, except me its disgusting I’d rather have normal hot chocolate with rainbow marshmallows,” said Junior Chyna Henderson.

Top 10 reasons NOT to be excited about winter

1. It gets dark early

“ It gets dark out around 6 P.M. now which make s me very tired and not want to do anything; it ruins my entire day,” said sophomore Joseph Jacobs said.

2. Allergies

“During the winter my allergies are bad and I get sick quick” senior Tasha Atkins said.

3. Bundles of clothes on

“I hate putting on a lot of clothes in the morning just to go out side because eventually I start to sweat and I end up getting sick,“ sophomore Shawn Tate said.

4. Driving- fogged windows, black ice, car accidents, waiting for the car to warm up, (gas)

“ Driving Is kind of scary in the winter and it costs you so much gas; I remember I paid $50 in just one day to keep my car going. Junior Sarah Caples said.

5. Waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom

“My bed is the warmest spot in the house at night, so when I have to get up to use the restroom it really irritates me because it’s always cold and I have to get back warm all over again.” Sophomore Jena Hall said.

6. The flu

“The flu is very scary during winter because I had it before and it’s not a good feeling; last year my little cousin almost died from it” Freshmen Brady Johnson said.

7. No cookouts

“ Eating is my favorite thing to do, but I like doing it with my family outside, during the winter we cant because its to cold out nobody wants to have a family cook out in the house its boring.”  Junior Hannah Cook said.

8. Heating bills

“ My parents never complain about the bills until winter because we have a big house and have to use a lot of heat to keep the house warm its really stressful on them and me because I don’t get to get some of things I want.” Sophomore Jasmine Carr said.

9. No road trips

“Every year my family goes in a road trip they are very fun, but during the winter my dad says its not safe so we never get to go until the summer now.” Sophomore Jason Smith said.

10. Snow makes you gain weight

“ I basically hibernate during the winter, so all I do is sit in the house and eat cookies, brownies, popcorn, bread and butter, and lots of other foods with no exercise at all; I gained 10 pound last winter.” Said senior Jessica Miller.