Women’s varsity volleyball takes first in the Super Saturday Invitational


Photo by Racheal Koole

By Karylle Hillard

“No touch! No touch!” yelled the Loy Norrix girls varsity volleyball team as the score was close with the game coming to an end.

The referees had to debate about a ball that was possibly touched before going out.  This call would determine if the girls got their serve back and be able to win against Kalamazoo Central in the Loy Norrix Super Saturday Invitational Championship Game on October 9th.

The ball was called out with no touch and the relieved girls were able to keep serving and win the final set 15-13.

The varsity volleyball team took first in the tournament and better yet, redeemed themselves from their previous loss against Kalamazoo Central.  Both teams played an intense and exciting game.