NEHS Begins Chapter


Photo by Vika Pashby NEHS members Emily Jackson and Sulan Alice Artz-Iffland vote on their choice NEHS officers. These officers will set many rules for future NEHS members.
Photo by Vika Pashby
NEHS members Emily Jackson and Sulan Alice Artz-Iffland vote on their choice NEHS officers. The elected officers will set rules for future NEHS members.

National English Honor Society has finally embarked on their long journey to recognition. This is the first NEHS Chapter in the State of Michigan. It is a very good opportunity for Loy Norrix to show what the students are capable of doing. The members want to inspire others and create the feeling that literacy is not just English classes, or books, but something far better. That is why they chose their chapter name as the Literacy Luminaries.

Teacher advisors, Brianna English and Jessica Obado, have made it clear in their first meeting that the students are the real leaders.

“As a student group, I think the members should be the leaders, because they will impact the student body,” said Obado.

The members know that and have taken charge by creating plans and new ways of bringing the Loy Norrix population together through different activities, such as reading to children at the day care center and tutoring after school.

One of those activities has already been set in motion. NEHS has started a tutoring program every Tuesday and Thursday. These sessions focus on the writing and editing of the students’ type four or type five writings that will be turned in. The goal is to improve grades and help people understand their mistakes. The members hope that it will be a good turnout and that many people will use this to their advantage. The tutoring will take place in A-10, right after school.

Another project the NEHS is planning on starting is Operation Beautiful. The group wants to make people feel special by placing quotes around the building.

“ Placing inspiring quotes all over the school randomly” English said. This is a unique and different way to brighten someone’s day.

This is just the beginning for NEHS and they can’t wait to bring all they have to offer to the Loy Norrix students. English said, “ I think the goal is to bring together people that are interested in English related topics.”

NEHS Officers-

President: Isabel McMullen

Vice President: Lian Wardrop

Secretary: Emily Jackson

Treasure: Claire Domanick

Public Relations Officer: Joe Santamaria

Technical Liaison: Alex Babbitt