Seven Outstanding EFE Students Get Recognized


Photo used with permission Loy Norix seniors students get awards for their high achievements in EFE courses.
Photo used with permission
Loy Norix seniors students get awards for their high achievements in EFE courses. Students received up to $1000 in scholarship money for their hard work.

Every year in the month of May the Education for Employment Council holds an Outstanding Senior Awards Ceremony. It honors the accomplishments of the senior students and provides them with the scholarships in the Kalamazoo Country. There are about 35 hundred students who attend an EFE and there are 36 different programs. These programs teach basic experience and training that helps prepare students for a career. It is an honor to be selected for an award.

“Good way to reward students who have excelled, makes you feel special,” said Sydnee Stannard, a senior at Loy Norrix who has participated in the EFE program.

Stannard was recognized for her outstanding accomplishments in the Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Management EFE. At first it was hard because she was competing for the scholarship with her best friend and felt a little bit guilty for wanting to win. In the end Stannard, got $500 scholarship from Discover Kalamazoo. This was special because that was the only scholarship Discover gave out.

All of the honored students received some kind of scholarship, whether it was $250 dollars to fall tuition paid at Kalamazoo Valley Community College, a little bit helps you on your way to success. Seven students total were recognized form Loy Norrix for their accomplishments in various EFE programs.

If any students want to succeed and receive an award they need to do everything not just partial work, the students has to really want the scholarship to get it.

“Take advantage of everything the teacher has to offer you,” said Stannard.

For the many juniors, soon to be seniors, who are taking EFE this is something to look forward to and work towards.

Loy Norrix Award Recipients-

Business Education EFE –

Kayla Hamilton- Fall Tuition- Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Jade Hubbard-$500-Burdick- Thorne Foundation

David Mann- $500-Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins & Borsos, P.C.

Other EFE –

Kiana Adewusi – Cosmotology, $250 KRESA Foundation/Irv & Alberta Cumming.

Liv Lyszyk– Art and Design Career Skills and Digital Imaging, $750 KRESA Foundation /KRESA Board of Education

Alexis Rumph- Fundamentals of Health Science , $1000-Alpha Chapter, MI/Alpha Delta Kappa

Sydnee Stannard – Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Managemnt, $500-Discover Kalamazoo