Guest Article: Let’s Go Out to Lunch!

Ben Dunham

by Reed Zapf
by Reed Zapf

The bell rings and everybody stops everything that they are doing and proceeds to go to the lunchroom. You on the other hand want to go out for lunch to avoid they crazy lunch lines, and just get some decent food for once.  Everything goes well because of the old J-wing exit trick.  On your way back in you have someone open the door for you and there is a campus safety officer staring you in the face to give both of you a referral.  Meanwhile they miss the kids selling pills and doing drugs in the four corners bathroom.

From the moment that freshman walk into the school they long to become upperclassmen and get the privileges that come along with that like varsity sports and being able to drive to school. What’s the point have all of these privileges if you cannot even go out for lunch?  Loy Norrix student should be able to have open campus at lunch because school food is expensive for the amount of food and quality of food that a student gets, it lets students make their own decisions, and it relieves the stress of being kept in a school all day.

“Why should we stay in the school for lunch, we can get better and more food for a cheaper price if we just leave”

I can remember my friend Peter saying this my sophomore year minutes before the bell rang for lunch.  Every day students spend around $4 on food in the lunchroom at Norrix, if they do not have free or reduced lunch. Students could spend less money than that and get more/better food. This sounds appealing to students but school officials might argue that if a large number of students leave for lunch everyday then the quality of the food would be diminished more than it already is.  This is because the funding for lunch would decrease because students are spending their money elsewhere, therefore a lower budget for food.

Going out for lunch is a life skill.  Everyday millions of people around the world go out for lunch on their lunch break. Being able to manage the half hour lunch break takes responsibility that everyone should learn, and the sooner the better. If students are able to go out for lunch they will have better time management when they enter the work force.  Which can lead to longer-term jobs and potential raised because they’re able to show the employer that they are responsible.

Any student at Loy Norrix would say that school is stressful, not only the school work but the loud hectic hallways and not to mention the lunchroom. If students are able to leave for lunch it can relieve stress from the hectic school day. In turn with lower stress students would be able to focus on school more and have better grades. Since stress is such a burden on kids grades, why not relieve that stress by going out for lunch?

So with all of the potential benefits that students could have, let’s go out for lunch!