Heyl Scholarship Recipients at Loy Norrix


Pictured: Hoben Hall at Kalamazoo College. The photo was taken from Hicks Center.
Pictured: Hoben Hall at Kalamazoo College. The photo was taken from Hicks Center.

Every year, Kalamazoo College awards students from Kalamazoo Public Schools or the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center the Heyl scholarship. The scholarship was established through Dr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Heyl and pays for the tuition, room and board, and a book allowance for each recipient. Without the Heyl, K College tuition is just over $32 thousand per year, plus room and board, totaling over $40 thousand per year.

This year, two current Loy Norrix Students were awarded the Heyl: Madison McBarnes and Graeme Timmeney.

Although the actual application process is quite rigorous, McBarnes has been preparing for K College all throughout high school. She made sure to take courses heavy in math and science since she has wanted to attend K College since she was in 8th grade.

“My family has always been involved. My grandpa was a professor and my sisters both went there,” said McBarnes.

“My mom, uncle, aunt, and great aunt went there,” said Timmeney, “My mom and uncle also received the Heyl. So I’ve pretty much always wanted to go there.”

To apply for the Heyl, students have to write four essays on top of the essays required to get into K College. An interview was also required. According to Timmeney, the details of the interview, however, are top secret.

One can imagine that receiving the Heyl would be a pivotal moment in life.

“I was eating lunch on a ski trip with my dad when I got the email. I was pretty stoked,” said Timmeney.

“It was the biggest accomplishment of my life so far,” said Mcbarnes, “It made the hard work that I’ve done worth it.”

Before the Heyl, both students were already planning on attending K College.

“I was going to have to work all summer. I’d have to do 30+ hours in work study each week and take out $8 thousand in loans each year. My family definitely would have been financially strained,” said McBarnes.

Now, however, McBarnes is excited to do things like volunteer her time at hospitals instead of work. When school starts, McBarnes will be playing soccer for K.

“I’m nervous about having to balance soccer and the rigorous workload, since you have to keep a 3.0 on the Heyl,” said McBarnes.

Timmeney will take a more outdoorsy approach to K and plans on taking part in Landsea and ski instructing. Adirondack State Park holds the largest system of hiking trails. He also plans to get involved in social activism through Peace House.