Cat Hair: Sneezes and sniffles are AMAZING


Cat hair is a part of my every day life. It never takes a vacation, and its not something that’s going to die. Cat hair seems to be my new best friend. It likes to use my black leggings, jeans and yoga pants! Taking my time to get out of the house because cat hair is all over my pants makes a rough start to my day. Not to mention my moms downstairs yelling, “If you miss the bus, you’re S.O.L.” The time I’m taking to lint roll my pants is time that could be spent listening to my favorite song walking to the bus stop.
Cat hair is everywhere. It’s like cats are magical beings that can slip and fit into any spot they find comfortable in the house. Lint rollers reside upstairs and downstairs because my cat’s favorite thing to do is shed. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cat Patches, but if he were bald it’d make my life a whole lot easier.
It’s especially wonderful when Patches sneaks into my room and lays on my pillows and blankets like it’s his own bed! All the left over hair he leaves behind finds its way to my face and BAM, Baileigh has a sinus attack. The only way to fix the problems of allergy attacks for cat hair, is to take a shower. So I am off, to take the third shower of the day!
Cats can be cuddly and cute. Their big ole eyes can definitley catch your heart, but the hairs on their backs are no friend of mine. In fact, a worse enemy. As the one out of the 15 million Americans who has allergies, I can say that it’s already hard enough to go outside and not have a sneeze attack. Bringing cat hair into the equation makes me nuts! Endless sneezing then onto a sinus headache, not to mention the joys of blowing your nose and popping your ears at the same time.
I love Patches and all but once I leave to be on my own, my mom’s keeping his hairy self. I’ll just be sure to visit him. ♥