Steroids Should Be Mandatory in the Major League


The crowd sits in awe, and players sweat it out in the field. Every move becomes a struggle to keep going, but there is a solution. Anabolic steroids are the answer!
The athletes job is to entertain, and steroids can help with just that. On steroids, athletes feel less exhaustion and muscle fatigue, due to the opiate-like effect. Anaerobic exercise becomes effortless, so the game becomes less focused on physicality and more on skill. The sport becomes expressed in it’s truest form.
Next major league games become much more entertaining and marketable for everybody, not just fans. Steroids can mess with hormones, and hormonal anomalies are what show business is all about. These “anomalies” can cause breast development in males, and this would make sports appeal to many more viewers. Crowds go to the circus to see just one bearded “lady,” so imagine how many people that would fill the empty seats to see a stadium full of them.
Also the hormonal imbalance causes aggression called “roid rage.” Aggression means fights and confrontations. Viewers love to watch fights. The major league would become reality television or a long standing drama show. Or even better a real life action movie. Imagine the entertainment value of “roid rage,” the number of viewers would be through the roof.This is show buisiness, not morality, all that matters is money. Logically speaking, the athlete’s health is secondary here. Here in America, money can heal these wounds. How many celebrities get off scott free from crimes, how many buisiness just pay fines for reparations from terrible damages caused instead of actually helping? This is the American mantra, just throw money at the problem.