EFE Students from Loy Norrix High School Work their Way into the World of Employment


Education for Employment Business Classes from Loy Norrix taught by Atiba Ward and Christie VanFulpen
Education for Employment Business Classes from Loy Norrix taught by Atiba Ward and Christie VanFulpen

By Alex Neal
“The trip was fun, but the food sucked,” said Ana Vanegas.
Atiba Ward and Christie VanFulpen’s EFE (Education for Employment) Business classes went on a trip to Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) Business Bash along with other EFE classes from 10 other schools such as Kalamazoo Central and Portage Northern. The KVCC Business Bash is held every year to teach students in EFE Business Classes in how employment works in the real world and how running your own business works.
“They were split up into different groups and went on through different workshops to see the experience of having a job,” said Atiba Ward, one of the teachers of business at Loy Norrix.
“Something that was interesting about the trip was the 2 people from the Credit Union that spoke to us about how bosses will look things up online such as Facebook before hiring you,” said junoir Ayden Olson.
“After the speeches, they set us up into groups and gave us a schedule to follow. We learned about how to get a job, how to follow ethics and how you can plan your life out for the future. It was really fun,” said junior Ana Vanegas.
Besides learning how to get a job and how to be successful in the world of business, students also performed in other activities such as job shadowing, the process in which you are doing someone else’s job. There were also a series of drawings where prizes were given out.
“Some of the other things that happened at the trip were a scavenger hunt which placed them under a timed session to complete different jobs, and we were also given a tour of the college,” said Ward.
Although everyone agreed that the trip was fun overall, the catering service provided at KVCC was lackluster and not appreciated.
“On the way back from the trip, everyone agreed that the food given was terrible. It wasn’t good and I doubt anyone enjoyed it,” said senior Simone Albeo.
Although the food didn’t live up with the rest of the trip, it was enjoyable learning experience and will be done again next year.