“Thor: The Dark World” is Decent at Best


Thor and his father Odin discussing battle options against Malekith.
Thor and his father Odin discussing battle options against Malekith.

Recently Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” hit theaters with the hero, Thor played by Chris Hemsworth, continuing his battles to save Earth from another evil.
In the aftermath of “Thor” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” he now tries to restore order while faced with a new villain, Malekith. Previous characters in the Thor movies return to help, such as Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).
As always, the costumes and sets of the movie are spectacular, especially the outfits of Malekith’s minions. Thor’s traditional armor and cape doesn’t dazzle you, but that’s to be expected for an Asgardian warrior.
However, not the same can be said for the acting. While some, like Jane Foster and Loki retain their acting abilities throughout the basic plot, others have just generic dry emotions.
The film has plenty of action, as is expected. Compared to the previous Thor movies, The Dark World has considerably more drama in the final scene, with greater stakes and several characters involved. Although there are some overly serious parts, there is enough humor throughout the movie to keep your interest. Darcy (played by Kat Dennings) and Erik Selvig (played by Stellan Skarsgård) are portrayed as being the more humorous characters. Practically every time the two actors are onscreen there’s some amusement. Even at the end of the big battle a good amount of humor is thrown in.
In essence the film has enough action scenes and charismatic actors in it entertain you, but there’s nothing worthwhile that hasn’t been seen in some form before or will be again since it ends with a cliffhanger.