Loy Norrix Knights Fight through the Power Outage

by Breonna Burnside

On November 18, 2013 Loy Norrix High School experienced a power outage, Loy Norrix only had 1/3 of their power. There was no heat, lights were only on in some areas of the school and lunches had to be imported from Milwood Elementary.
“I was angry because it was cold. There wasn’t good food and we had to stay in our first hours a very long time,” said Sophomore Arriyan Bishop
Word went around that the school day was cancelled, students were dismissed, and buses would be returning to take kids home. This was false. The school day continued with around half of the students.
As for the kids that left, they were marked absent. “Student absences will be administratively excused for Monday,” said Loy Norrix Principal Rodney Prewitt.
A lot of the frustration from parents came from the false information on the KPS website and an article published on MLive reporting Loy Norrix as closed.  Students began calling their parents telling them school was cancelled and to come pick them up. If there had have been a cancellation for the day it would’ve been sent out through Principal Prewitt’s Loy Norrix Messages. For those who aren’t signed up you can text @loyn to (248) 327-3207 to receive any news about Loy Norrix.
“All school closures come from the superintendent and are communicated to the public by our district web page, district Facebook page, robo calls, and some radio and television stations,” said Prewitt.