Loy Norrix Girl Swims Through Her Fear to Success


Elizabeth Gbogi sits with her friends during lunch here at Norrix, and talk about their current classes.
Elizabeth Gbogi sits with her friends during lunch here at Norrix, and talk about their current classes.

Everyone has experienced the class that they absolutely dread. They look at their schedule and head straight to the guidance office. But sometimes due to unfortunate events the class you don’t want is stuck with you for the next twelve weeks.

    This happened to Elizabeth Gbogi, who is a freshman here at Loy Norrix High School. In her first trimester of high school she got stuck with aquatics. Aquatics counts as a physical education credit, but in Gbogi’s case, she would have rather done anything else.

    Many people may groan at the fact that they have to go swimming during a school, but Gbogi had more of a reason to be upset with the fact that she had second period aquatics.

    She has grown up being very intimidated by the deep end of the pool.

    “When I found out I had aquatics instead of gym, I was really worried,” said Gbogi.

this is a feeling that is shared by so many young people around her.

    “I was only really comfortable in the shallow end at first” said Gbogi.

    The website Chron states that about half of the teen population is not comfortable with swimming.  So Gbogi is not alone.

    Taking on this swimming class with much effort and courageousness, Gbogi tried her best and did what she was comfortable with. And Coach Mahar, who taught this class, supported her with what she was comfortable with. But he also helped her overcome her fear.

    “I could tell that she was timid to even go into the water,” Said Paul Mahar.

    Seeing some of her fellow classmates in the deep end gave her the mental will to overcome this fear.

According to Letterbanks website fear is mental state, thus a mental state in most cases can be changed.

    In Gbogi’s case she just needed a positive attitude and hard work, which eventually brought her great success

    “Near the end the  trimester, I started looking forward to 2nd hour,” said Gbogi.

    She threw away her fears, and created a positive experience from a negative one. And she stuck through the class until the end of the trimester.

“She is very bright and worked very hard throughout the whole trimester,” said Mahar.

    Gbogi is a true inspiration to Loy Norrix, that a student can do pretty much anything that they put their mind too, and to really show how Loy Norrix teachers are always looking out for their students success.