Top Five Tips to Maintain Your New Year’s Resolution


Lori Umbanhower picked a New Year's resolution to try 50 different foods this year. Only 49 to go!
Lori Umbanhower picked a New Year’s resolution to try 50 different foods this year. Only 49 to go!

Many people across the world wait for the start of a new year to begin doing something healthy or something positive with their life. We label these kind of life changes as New Year’s Resolution. The problem many now face is how to make sure that their resolutions sticks and how to keep faith in it.

It’s coming to that time, about two weeks into the year and people are getting to the point their resolution is getting harder. Here are some easy tips to maintaining a resolution throughout the entire year.

1. Pick a realistic resolution

Many problems of why people don’t stick to resolutions is because the goal that is set is unrealistic. A bad habit from the year before is hard to be turned off completely by the beginning of a new year, instead possibly just try to stop the bad habit occurring so often.

2. Set a schedule

Setting a schedule is important when it comes to starting new things because a schedule reminds you to do continue your resolution. When you have an appointment or an event you want to go to, time is set aside to do complete resolutions with a schedule. After just three weeks of doing something, it becomes a routine so don’t give up!

3. Expect there to be setbacks

If your resolution is to workout five times a week, don’t let an injury or a sickness take you out of the mindset you have had since January 1st.  Expecting setbacks leaves you with no let downs because you already planned for something to go wrong. The best way to deal with a setback is to be sure not to let it continue to keep you from keeping your resolution, instead continue and keep your head up.

4. Make your list manageable

A long list of resolutions you are ready to change isn’t always the best idea simply because some goals are hard to keep track of and the chance of there being a let down is high. If letdowns are something that you are scared of and it will slow your resolution process, it’s important the goals are realistic. Along with some of your harder goals that you have set, have some easy ones that you know you can do which will give you a confidence boost as you see yourself completing goals.

5. Tell your close friends

By telling your close friends, you receive the support from them to accomplish your goals. Having someone hold you accountable for skipping out on your goals could help you stick to the resolutions set.