Real Beauty Looks Natural



Foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadow, three layers of mascara, and bright lipstick. A fourteen year old girl puts all of that makeup on her face just for going to the store across the street. She thinks that she looks beautiful, but to me it’s no more than “war paint.”

Many stores sell makeup for little princesses, which is designed for three to four years old girls. Dream Dazzlers Ooh La La Make-up Artist Set, Disney Princess Royal Cosmetics Set, Disney Princess Nail Salon, nail polish sets, cosmetic bag sets and  makeup collections are on sale every day.

I’ve never understood the goal of makeup. Small kids are so sweet and cute. They don’t need any makeup, but due to influence from their older sisters, magazines and commercials, little sweethearts will beg for those “magical” lipsticks and eyeshadows.

As a result those girls will grow up in their teen years and will wear tons of makeup without considering how much it can harm their health.

Heavy makeup causes allergies, acne, skin dry, and other damage. provides the information that model Dadina Sagger-Hayward is living proof of the issue. She has worn heavy make-up for work for more than two decades. Five years ago, she developed eczema on her eyelids, which she worried would put an end to her career. Doctors told her it was the make-up causing the problem.

Oils and chemicals in cosmetics harm your skin that will lead to looking older than you are in next ten years. Wrinkles are not so cool. Just think if you want to have them earlier than they should appear.

Besides, bright makeup doesn’t look attractive on young ladies, it makes you look older. That is the goal of most teenage girls, they try to grow up, look like models in fashion magazines, or win the heart of the cute classmate. But going to the extreme isn’t the best choice.

Natural beauty is much more attractive. Freshness and ease lend charm and your face shows the loveliness of your age. Also, guys will prefer a low-mainterance girl over a “foundation queen.”

I’m not saying that girls should stop putting makeup on at all, but don’t forget that using fewer cosmetics will also save time in the morning. You don’t need to wake up at 5:30 A.M. and spend two hours applying cosmetics on your face. You can sleep longer, that gives a more fresh look to your appearance.

Of course it’s your personal deal, but before changing your face, remind yourself words of Bruno Mars’s song that “You are amazing, just the way you are…”