Making It Through the Last Few Weeks of School


Pass the time by going to your local coffee shop.
Pass the time by going to your local coffee shop.

With summer fast approaching many of us find ourselves dreading school and in search of fun activities. Here are some ways to pass the time and keep busy:
Take a trip to South Haven with friends for the weekend.
There are still a lot of spring sports in season; cheer on Norrix’s soccer or baseball team.
Volunteer! It’s a great way to spend the time and you can help the community at the same time. (Peacejam, Habitat for Humanity, etc)
Homework at this point is dreadful, grab some friends and go to Waterstreet to help ease the pain.
Road trip down to Chicago or Michigan City for some shopping.
With this weather you have plenty of chances to work on a tan.
Plan your upcoming summer vacation!
Invite some friends over and get a bonfire going.
As cheesy as it sounds, simply sitting outside with nice cold lemonade is the epitome of relaxation.
Try to find a part time job to save money for the summer.
Downtown is a great place to grab dinner. Try Martini’s or Food Dance.
Check out what’s playing at Kalamazoo 10 or Celebration with a sibling.
Coldstone and Treat Street are open pretty late, pick up some ice cream to cool off during the upcoming summer nights.
Go for a run or practice yoga. Both are great ways to stay healthy while enjoying the outdoors.