Preparing for College Over the Summer


Make sure to get your season tickets for your college's games!
Make sure to get your season tickets for your college’s games!

It’s finally here! With graduation less than a week away seniors are buzzing with excitement of leaving Loy Norrix High School to move on to their future college careers. Before this transition however there is an entire summer that lies ahead to surely be filled with lazy afternoons, aching sunburns from long days at the beach, and late nice ice cream runs.
In the midst of all this it’s important to remember school starting in the fall and the things needed to get done to prepare for your upcoming freshman year in college.
– Get your enrollment deposits taken care of.
– Know your freshman orientation date and know the classes you want to take because you sign up at orientation.
– Figure out your living situation.
– If with roommate plan who brings what so you don’t have two of things.
– Make a list of dorm needs (bedding, fridge, pictures, etc)
– Once you know what you need start getting your stuff together. It’s best not to wait till last minute.
– Depending on how you’re paying, outline some type of budget.
– Choose how you’ll get around your school (bike, bus pass, walking)
– Become familiar with the campus!
– If you’re interested in sports events make sure to get your season tickets.
The fall 2014 semester will be here before you know it!