Everyone wants a tattoo

By Sa-Niqua Langford

This tattoo is special for DeChelle Jones in remembrance of her grandmother who passed away in 2002 when DeChelle was 9. This tattoo is meaningful because it is a symbol of love that she has for her grandmother.

“A tattoo seems like the perfect signature for a senior,” Amari Worthy said.

Amari Worthy is a senior at Loy Norrix High School. Worthy knows 17 seniors with tattoos. “I really want a tattoo,” said Worthy.

Worthy does not feel she is being a follower because everyone’s tattoos are not the same. “I plan on getting something no one else has,” said Worthy.

The tattoo Worthy plans to get will be on her ankle and will say “sunshine.” Her mom and dad have been calling her “sunshine” since she was a baby. They always used to sing the song to her. This tattoo will mean something to her.

Although Worthy’s religion prohibits tattoos, Worthy still wants and plans to get inked up. “It is a tattoo that means something to me. It is not an off-the-wall tattoo like my boyfriend’s name on my back or something because that is unacceptable,” said Worthy.

“A tattoo should define who you are,” said Worthy.

A tattoo will be on you forever, through job interviews, weddings and much more. Recent studies show that memorial tattoos overwhelmingly turn grief into joy by creating an everlasting memory.

“Having a meaningful tattoo, I feel, will make you happy for the rest of your life. Getting a tattoo just to get one, to me, seems like you’re a follower,” said Worthy.

“A lot of tattoos on your body take away from your class and natural beauty,” said Worthy.

Worthy plans to get a small tattoo that is meaningful to maintain herself with a classy status.

Having a clean and professional status is very important in the business world. Making sure you really want the tattoo you are getting is very important because getting your tattoo removed is $200 every doctor’s visit which will take 10 visits to start seeing results. That’s $2,000 to get your tattoo removed permanently.