Bump Set Style: A Sophomore’s Take On Volleyball and Fashion


“There’s such a competitiveness in volleyball. You want nothing more than to beat the other team,” said sophomore Lizzie Ko captain of the JV Volleyball team at Loy Norrix. ”Volleyball is so motivating in ways that other things aren’t for me.”
Ko, as well as being the captain, plays libero for the Knights. Libero is the quarterback for the defense in volleyball. This year the record for the Knights is 3-3, but they did take 2nd place in both the Loy Norrix invitational and the Vicksburg invitational. The highest point for Ko this season was being named captain of the JV volleyball team. “I felt so proud and accomplished,” she said.
The lowest point for her was losing to Kalamazoo Central this year. After beating them last year she felt like the team as a whole didn’t play their best. Ko said that she left the gym that night feeling embarrassed.
Ko believes it is important to play sports and said, “They allow you to focus on something other than school.”
While volleyball is the most important thing in her life another important aspect is fashion. Ko says exaggeratingly it can take her up to 3 hours to pick out an outfit for every day.
Ko said that fashion is important to her, “It’s important to make a good impression on those who don’t know you.”
Looking forward to the rest of sophomore year Ko said, “I’m highly content with my accomplishments so far, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for me.