Lending a Helping Hand, While They’re Extremely Full ; A Positive Outlook on a Busy Schedule


LAXHigh school students dread walking through those doors every morning. You’re tired, annoyed, and just having a bad day overall. It gets progressively worse as you go throughout the day. The homework is piling up and you have a mandatory 3-hour practice after school. There is no possible way to get through the day with a smile and have time to do all the activities you need to accomplish. Or is there?
If you’re involved in any extracurricular activity, you know what it’s like to have no free time with your busy schedule. Imagine juggling sports, school, theater, and community service. It seems almost impossible, but not for one Loy Norrix student.
Freshman Henry Muscara is actively involved in Lacrosse and theater but is able to carve out the most time for one activity on his daily agenda. He is a part of Jeter’s Leaders, a youth leadership program named and funded by the former New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter. This program was created to promote healthy lifestyles, academic achievement, and social change among high school students in the community. Muscara is a mentor through Jeter’s Leaders, and looks forward to participating in this experience every week.
Mentors meet at least twice a month and are assigned different groups of Elementary students. By conducting various fun activities, the kids are able to take their minds off the hardships they encounter on a daily basis.
“I really connect to the kids,” said Muscara. “I’m proud to help turn away these kids from drugs.”
Muscara portrays his exceptional leadership in sports as well. Lacrosse has played a major role in Muscara’s life since the 5th grade. As captain of his current travel team, the BJ Sports Bandits, Henry hopes to one-day play lacrosse for a Division 1 College (the highest level of intercollegiate athletics) on a full scholarship.
Muscara never fails to impress when it comes to his time management skills. Considering he consistently has after-school activities.
“I always make sure to do my homework,” said Muscara.
School is also a main priority to Henry, even considering the huge programs he’s involved in. He currently maintains a 4.0 GPA and enjoys the classes he takes.
Muscara said, “In order to achieve my goals, it’s crucial for me to do well in school.”
There’s no question that Muscara has a lot on his plate, but he understands what’s important when it comes to benefitting the community, but most importantly, himself.