Gender Wars: Why Women Have Harder Lives than Men


It’s a normal Tuesday morning. As you carefully open your eyes to look at that dreadful alarm clock, fear immediately strikes within you. You’ve woken up an hour late, and school starts in 10 minutes. How on earth can you get to school on time? Without the proper self-preparations you need to look presentable, there is no way you are walking out that front door. The immediate thought pops into your head, “If I was a guy, my life would be so much easier right now.”
Females all around the world have these thoughts on a daily basis. Many situations faced by women aren’t easy. On Yahoo and Yelp, one commonly asked question is, “Why do women complain so much?” The simple answer lies in this statement: Women have harder lives than men.
One hardship that women encounter is the monthly “gift” presented by Mother Nature herself, the menstrual cycle. This cycle, also commonly known as a period, is apparent in a woman’s life from age 12-15 up until the woman is either pregnant, or 45-55 years old. Due to cramping, bloating, acne, body aches, and other unfortunate symptoms, most women dread her period. Men will never have the negative experiences and problems that periods bring to every woman monthly.
How long does it take to get ready in the morning? According to a poll on Huffington Post, 66 percent of guys take less than half an hour to reach their presentable stage. On the other hand, it takes over an hour for 53 percent of women to get ready to walk out the door. Why does it take so long for women? Well with most males getting ready without the worries of makeup or tangled hair, their lives are much simpler and carefree. Would a majority of the male population be able to withstand the pressures of cosmetics and various beauty products? Probably not.
Another known fact is that males cannot get pregnant. Fortunately for the men, women have the pleasure of that task. This means going through 9 months of fatigue, morning sickness, and having a huge bump on your front side. And it all comes to an end with childbirth, which always feels fantastic. To have children without going through this process would be way easier. Well, isn’t that what guys get to experience?
In this world, the statement that both women and men struggle with daily problems is true. Guys have to deal with rejection, which can be a huge embarrassment, however. But do a few days of being upset compare to monthly cycles, makeup, hair, pregnancy, and childbirth? All of those are considerably worse than a simple “no”. Women deal with harder problems daily but we are able to tackle the odds that are stacked against us, and we look good doing it.