Tiredly we roll along through school: High Schools Should Have Nap Time.


HenryMuscaraImagine everyday groggily slugging through school just to go to whatever extracurricular activity you have after school that day. When school and extracurriculars become overly demanding, sleep usually falls to the end of the list of priorities for students. That is why I believe that in schools we should have nap time.
In one school day teachers pack so much information in one’s brain that sometimes just having a nice 30 minutes of quiet for either a power nap, relaxation, or listening to calm music would be better for the students because it would allow us to refresh our minds before learning more according to debate.org. Also during the time the students are relaxing, the teachers could use that time to grade papers, do other work, eat their lunch, or plan the rest of the day so they will have more free time at home. Another option for the teachers would be to take a nap too.
Grades will also rise because of nap time. Naptime will allow students to let what they learned sink in before going to their next class according to debate.org. Also having more energy will keep kids more alert in class and then they will have the energy to finish homework whenever they get home at night. This means better test scores for our school and district.
There was an experiment conducted by NASA about the effects of sleep deprivation. The results on debate.org showed that a “40 minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness by 100%.” If a nap is proven to work by NASA then why don’t we do it in public high schools.
Many people blame the students for not getting enough sleep but the truth is waking up at  6 a.m. and then not getting home until 8 p.m. and then still having homework and any other chores parents might give you, it is impossible to get 8 hours of sleep. A study on debate.org shows that only 15 percent of teens get 8-9 hours of sleep.
All of the facts show that having enough sleep show increased performance in school, but with the overloading amount of extracurricular activities and homework many students fail to sleep at least 8-9 hours each night. Having a nap time in school will allow students to receive the best education they can and also be attentive during it. Sleep tight and don’t let the classroom bugs bite.