It's That Time of The Month Again


Mother Nature bestows an undesirable gift on the woman of our world about 12 times a year; menstruation. However, it’s the not so calm before the storm that ladies have trouble with. Premenstrual syndrome, also called PMS, is a series of symptoms that correlate with women’s periods, normally 1 to 2 weeks prior the cycle. An estimated 3 out of 4 women experience PMS symptoms, but the experience is different for everyone.
Symptoms vary, from physical things such as swollen breasts, cramps and acne to emotional symptoms such as irritability and mood swings Although PMS isn’t something you can be completely cured of, there are many ways to make the conditions less severe.
Senior America Edwards says she doesn’t fight it anymore. When asked how she deals with the monthly struggle, it didn’t take her long to come up with a result. “
“I put some leggings on, get in bed, turn on Netflix and cry,” says Edwards. “I also eat a lot of chocolate.”
Although eating chocolate is a common outlet for stressed people, both men and women, it may not be the best way to handle the conditions. An article from Women’s Health said that a woman’s lifestyle correlates with the severity of the symptoms. Eating healthy, removing stressors from your life and exercising regularly are the best ways to curb symptoms. Many people have their own personal ways of coping, so since everyone experiences different symptoms and intensities, no coping method is going to be the same.
Senior Ginny Creamer says that her experiences with PMS aren’t always awful, but she has had her moments.
“Sleep,” said Creamer. “I make sure I sleep. Alot.”
As someone who has never experienced PMS, there is no way I can begin to relate with any woman on the topic. However, from the man’s perspective, I have learned that this a natural thing, and that the stereotype that all women are awful to be around isn’t the case. Just as all people handle different situations, PMS is handled in a variety of different ways.