“Guys and Dolls” the next step to success for LN performers

Photo by Brian Griffin

By Brian Griffin

When the Loy Norrix Drama Department goes to work it usually makes a presentation that is hard to forget, and with the upcoming musical, the department will soon have a new addition to its wall of success.

Senior Estefan Kizer has the lead role next to Theophile Saillant, in the upcoming musical, “Guys and Dolls” presented by the Loy Norrix Drama Department.

“Guys and Dolls” is a musical written by Frank Loesser and set in the early 1950’s in New York City. The musical started off as a book written by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows, and then it was adapted into a musical.

Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit are both gamblers who prowl the streets of New York trying to make another win for their record, played by Kizer and Saillant.

“Sky makes a bet with Nathan that he can’t get one of the dolls, named Sarah, to go on a date with him,” said Kizer.

Sky goes on and tries to woo Sarah (played by Natalie LaCroix), who works at a Gospel Mission, in an attempt to win another bet. They go to Havana, Cuba and end up falling in love. Upon their return from Havana, Sarah learns that Sky’s initial interest in her is only the result of a bet, and she gets upset and decides she wants nothing more to do with Sky, ending their relationship.

After their breakup Sky goes on a redemptive quest to prove to Sarah that he loves her.

“Guys and Dolls” also has a lot of background singers and dancers that add more action to the musical with their dynamic movements and dances.

“I am a Hot Box dancer and a gambler,” said senior Charlese Robinson. The Hot Box dancers dance at a local night club called the Hot-Spot.

The dancers, actors, and chorus practice their routines after school for two hours and as the opening day gets closer, their rehearsals will be even longer to make sure they are spectacular when the musical opens on February 4th. The cast usually has a great time rehearsing.

“We have created a sisterhood, and made more friends,” said Robinson after finishing a dance rehearsal.

The actors created a tight-knit group and have a lot of fun acting, singing and dancing in preparation to entertain the students, parents, and people of the Kalamazoo community.

The main characters are as follows with a special guest performance.

Sky Masterson- Estefan Kizer

Sarah Brown- Natalie LaCroix

Adelaide- Sarah Campbell

Nathan Detroit- Theophile Saillant

Nicely-Nicely Johnson- Joe Santamaria

Abigail Abernathy- Teriah Fleming

Featuring Mr. Rob Bradford as Officer Brannigan