Face Eater: Local Band takes Kalamazoo by Storm


screamingboymArticle By: Ginny Creamer


Shaking the foundation of friend’s basements and recently, Satellite Records, “Face Eater” is a band composed of Loy Norrix Students Ethan Leverton (Guitarist), Riley Martin (Guitarist), Gabe Wikle (Bass), and Devon Bailey (Drums).

“We chose our name to be as brutal as possible,” Martin said.

Just like their name, Face Eater’s music is equally as intense. Loud guitar solos and thundering drums are the background to powerful lyrics that call attention to social and political issues. The band members use their music as a platform to express concern for the oppression that is so prevalent in America. One of the band’s main focuses is modern sexism and overthrowing the patriarchal society that we live in.

“Our society is constructed to benefit men and it needs to stop, there is too much physical violence and social violence.” Wikle explained.

The band’s lyrics explore this idea, expressing a need for change as well as a hatred for sex crimes so often committed against women. Capitalism is another topic that is passionately critiqued by the band’s songs.

“Something we mainly focus on is the disease of capitalism,” Leverton said.

A disdain for this economic and political system is shown through the lyrics: “Feed the poor/Eat the rich.” These lyrics show, yet again, their push for equality in all aspects of life. Not only are their lyrics all their own, their sound is original as well.

“Their sound is unique because it’s different genres mixed together,” senior Zoe Burdick says.

Combining punk, metal and thrash, the band has a sound that demands attention. Heavy lyrical topics and a name that’s as harsh as their music counters a fun and lighthearted side of the band.

“On top of other things, we do this to have fun,” Wikle said.

Their fan base is mainly a large group of close friends, making gigs a scene that’s packed full of dancing, thrashing and singing along.

“It’s really amazing watching people dance to your music,” Bailey said.  

On March 7, 2015 Face Eater played at Satellite Records, a local Record Shop in downtown Kalamazoo. Fans pack out the door, this was the biggest crowd that any show has had at this venue.

“Everyone is rolling deep and supporting, which is really cool,” fan Zoe Burdick said.

The band has increased the amount of gigs being played significantly, playing three shows in the month of March alone. This momentum is moving the band in a positive direction so keep an eye out for future shows and experience the exciting experience that is Face Eater.