Reasons to Join Knight Life


Walking to the downstairs K wing for 3rd hour has been the daily routine for all Knight Life students. Stepping into the room, you smell popcorn, hear the excitement of new ideas being brought to attention, and feel the familiar feeling of a keyboard under your fingertips.
Joining the Knight Life staff gives you the ability to express your thoughts, opinions, and give information to all students in the school. There are many perks of being a part of this staff. One is that it counts for a 12th grade English credit. You can interview students on a variety of subjects and meet a lot of interesting people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise, layout pages, take photos, and much more.
Knight Life reporters are also able to stay informed on many current events and controversies. For example, after the lockdown on March 17th the Knight Life staff had a class discussion and gathered all information known about the events of the lockdown. Our class knew more about the lockdown than most other students and even some teachers in the school.
Although there can be stressful moments, such as meeting deadlines and laying out pages, there are rewards for all of these efforts. Knight Life has 5 pizza parties a year for each print issue successfully published.
Being a part of the Knight Life staff means that you are basically the voice of the school. You are able to express other students’ opinions as well as your own. If you want to bring awareness to a certain subject, you have the access at your fingertips.
“Knight life is like a family, you go to Ms. Pankop’s room and it’s like home,” said graduating senior Jordan Liddle who has been a part of the Knight Life staff for 2 years.