Finding Inspiration From Books


Loy Norrix junior Morgan Kester reads one of her favorite books in the hall during journalism. She’s reading  “Lover Unleashed” by J.R. Ward. Photo by Annie Colburn-Jaynes

Ever since 7th grade, Loy Norrix junior Morgan Kester has been a writer. Her inspiration: reading.
The first book Kester read at her own will was “Warrior Cats” by author Erin Hunter. Currently, there are 30 Warrior Cat books out including 5 sub-series. Shortly after she began this series, she started experimenting with her own writing. Kester writes short stories (mainly paranormal and fantasy) based off of the books she reads.
“I write whenever I have something on my mind,” said Kester, explaining how writing can sometimes help her get through hard times.
In many situations, high school students don’t bother to pick a book up after they graduate, but for Kester, this will hopefully not be the case. Once Kester graduates, she plans to work at a bookstore, and despite her writing skills, does not want to be an author. According to an article by Vickie Elmer, only 30 percent of adults end up fulfilling their childhood dreams.
Reading and writing aren’t just a past time for Kester. “It helps calm me down when I get irritated with people,” Kester said. Kester mainly gets set off by people being ignorant or loud.
For Kester, it’s hard to focus on reading when there are loud noises around her. Instead, Kester prefers to work in a peaceful and quiet environment. The easiest place for Kester to focus is outside, in her room, or during down time in class.
Kester has developed an obsession with books and spends approximately 3 and a half hours a day reading.
“Whenever I have free time during school I read or write,” said Kester, attempting to explain her love for books.