So What if Someone is Gay? Everyone Should Be Themselves


IMG_3166“Just be yourself” is what most parents tell their kids, but what happens when it comes to their child’s sexual orientation, then the parents want them to be something that they are not. If you want your children to be themselves then you have to support them 100 percent of the way. When you support your teen it’s a lot easier and it’s hard enough because not all people like homosexuals.

There was a 16-year-old teen named Sergio Urrego that went to a catholic high school in Colombia, and he committed suicide on August 4. There was a teacher who saw the teens phone, and on the phone was Urrego and his boyfriend kissing. The teacher then took Urrego’s phone and sent him and his boyfriend to the school psychologist. Urrego’s boyfriend was forced to tell his parents about his sexual orientation and was taken out of school.

The school administrators said that Urrego was sexually harassing people and he would be taken out of class a lot, and then he finally got tired of all the stress. He jumped off of Titán Plaza and three hours later he died in the hospital. He told all his friends good-bye before he jumped, he wrote to his grandma, his mother, and his father.

Teens that are homosexual or anyone in general that is homosexual should be treated equally. Homosexuals are still human. They might not think the same as you, but they are happy with who they are, and that’s the key to life, be happy. They should have the same rights as heterosexuals. It’s not going to affect our economy if we give homosexuals the right to get married, or rights like that. If someone is homosexual we should support them, because they could have great potential, and wouldn’t want to use their potential because there is nobody supporting them to be the best they can.

Ways to support someone who is homosexual is to understand them, don’t think of them as a different species or a sin. Homosexuals are human, they might not think the same as you but nobody agrees on everything. If your friend is gay, you have to accept who they are and what choices they make.